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More about Darkmoon Faire:

II create all kids of accessories for you to enjoy as part of your daily life, or whenever you feel like bringing out an alter ego, whether for cosplay, parties or just having fun.

I lovingly hand create nearly all the items on this website.  Many are one of a kind original designs, although I have been known to recreate my absolute favorites as well as some of my customers favorites.  I have a commitment to originality, quality and variety.  You will find many different items to choose from, which may be ideal for you or for a loved one who is looking  for that item to complete their costume or outfit.  As an avid costume creator and cosplayer, I understand that versatility of items being able to cross over to other costumes is pretty vital, as we don't always have time to create everything we may need and having items that work for more than one saves some pennies in the pocketbook for shopping!  While my first love may be Steampunk, I make items that appeal to all types of styles and genres.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about any of the items listed here.



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